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SQLion is a relational management system (RDBMS) for MySQL-databases. You can create, alter and delete databases and tables. You can insert, change and delete data directly to the tables. In comparison to other SQL-tools, you do not need to install any ODBC-driver. The program is shareware.

New Features of SQLion 2.2
  • New connection function: You can select the database you want to work with
  • Windows XP approved
  • New Installer
  • More speed during the connection process
  • Multiple database server access concurrently
  • Possibility of integrating the MySQL Referenz Manual
  • Server status display
  • Server variables display
  • new import/export formats for table data
  • more flexibly loading of databases/tables/data for faster handling
  • practical and optical enhancements
  • latest libMySQL.dll version
  • bugfixes
Key Features of SQLion
  • create/drop databases
  • create/drop tables
  • edit/add/delete fields
  • edit/insert/delete records
  • Server status display
  • Server variables display
  • execute sql scripts
  • view table properties
  • rename tables
  • sort table data (ascending / descending)
  • filter table data
  • log file window
  • sql-query window
  • bookmark record in tables
  • copy records
  • function editor
  • runs on: Windows 95/98/nt/2000/XP
  • no installation of ODBC-drivers needed
  • various import/export standards: Paradox, DBase, Textfiles, HTML-files, Excel files, Word documents, SYLK (Symbolic link), DIF, Lotus 1-2-3, QuatroPro, SQL-scripts, XML files, MS-Access, Clipboard, Rich Text format
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